Life & Career Coaching

"Paula is a coach's coach. Her entrepreneurial support and wisdom helps me as a coach keep on track and become the best that I can be. Her insight and ability to guide me to see patterns in my business life have left me in awe at how wise and intuitive and spiritual she is as a coach. Anyone who is wondering whether she is worth the investment need not think twice. Thanks Paula for all your wonderful support."

H.A. Learson Ph.D.

Time Masters Program

"Before completing the Time Masters program, I had disorganized piles and personal items placed anywhere and everywhere. During the program, I cleared space, cleaned and organized areas and rooms of our home inside and outside. As a result, I spend less time looking for items.  It is less work and effort when cleaning is needed. Overall less stress, more room, and less moving items around. Working with Paula is very helpful. She is professional, passionate and supportive. She knows what she is doing and won't steer you wrong. I feel very fortunate, lucky and blessed to have been introduced to her."

Brandon, age 33


"Before completing the Time Masters program, I had a great deal of difficulty knowing the steps to take for organization and time management. During the program, I learned that planning, time framing, setting reasonable steps toward my main goal, and documenting the progress I made had a much greater, more successful result. As a result, I have four main goals for the next year, with steps to take within each goal. This gives me more confidence and control over how I want my life to look and BE. Working with Paula is delightful. She is an excellent listener, re-framer, and supporter. She has a great sense of humor, which really comes in handy during those "I'm not sure I can do this" periods. She gently guides you back to the primary goal and task at hand."

Lola, age 75


"Before completing the Time Masters program, I didn't realize I was so disorganized. I knew I had some areas that needed attention, but I found out that this program could help me with much more than those few areas. During the program, I took huge steps in streamlining my schedule, my home and yard, and ultimately, my life. As a result, I've needed less time to find things. I rest easier just seeing areas without paper stacks. Working with Paula is a treat. She's a wonderful, giving individual who is very easy to share with. We looked forward to each of our sessions!"



"Before completing the Time Masters program, I sometimes found it difficult to focus, be organized and get things done. During the program, I learned tools and strategies that work for me. As a result, I no longer procrastinate on things I don't want to do. I feel in control of my time and it seems to expand to allow me to do things at a more relaxed pace. Working with Paula is very enjoyable! She helped me improve my productivity."